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Choosing a CHOISY pen is choosing a product:
– unique
– very nice workmanship
– made in a rare, precious, sometimes very old wood
– assembled with noble and / or precious metals

guaranteed for life [under normal conditions of use – see also article 7 of our Terms of Sales]

Some notions: price – products – quality

The price of a handmade wooden pen depends on several factors.
If woodworking is an important criterion, the quality of the veneer used for all the metal parts is also important.

Among the high-end veneers, titanium (Ti) and rhodium (Rh) are at the top of the list. Titanium is a magnetic light metal that offers exceptional resistance to corrosion, abrasion and attacks of chemical or natural products (chlorine, seawater, sand, etc.).
It has been used since the early fifties in many industrial processes. Rhodium, on the other hand, is a hard and brilliant metal that is used a lot in jewelery for its reflective properties. Because of its hardness, it is most often used to harden alloys. It also offers excellent resistance to corrosion and abrasion.

Brushed satin veneers usually offer better scratch resistance than 24K gold and chrome plating, but this is practically negligible. Chrome, 24K gold, copper, silver and brushed gold are considered to be of the same quality.

However, it is necessary to pay particular attention to the gold content, because in veneer of metals, the figure 24K does not have the same meaning as in jewelery. It should be noted that the smaller the number, the higher the quality of the veneer (the higher the gold content in the veneer). A piece with 22K gold plating will be more expensive than another with a 24K gold plating.

In short, do not be surprised if two pieces made with identical wood species have opposite prices. The overall work, of the wood and the quality of the veneer, is most likely the reason for this obvious difference.

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