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Frequently asked questions:

Non-exhaustive list of frequently asked questions at the workshop or during exhibitions …

1) How long do you need to make a pen?
There is no duration in itself. It depends, among other things, on the demand, the availability of wood essence, etc.
Important! Place your orders early enough for special occasions: birthdays, mothers ‘and fathers’ parties, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, corporate gifts, etc.

2) Are your pens refillable?
Yes, all the pens we make are refillable with standard cartridges. We can also provide pump cartridges to replace these.

3) Where can I get refills or cartridges?
At the workshop, in all paper mills, office supply stores, supermarkets, some tobaccos / press.

4) Where do you find the wood, your raw material?
In the neighboring forests, in our garden and that of friends, the surrounding orchards, brought by our clients …
For distant woods, it is a responsible supplier who provides them to us.
Note that the wood we work is never debited voluntarily! All parts come from dead trees, at the end of their life or having a defect rendering them unusable. The pieces collected in the forest are generally small debris of logging which does not interest anyone but which is particularly interested in the craft industry.

5) Do you work the wood yourself?
Yes, we prepare and cut ourselves our future wooden squares. This is the condition sine qua non to be able to offer quality parts from which will come exceptional pieces. It is a long and demanding job in terms of research and observation.

6) Can I bring you my own piece of wood?
Naturally, but we will have to examine it thoroughly to know its degree of humidity, to note its important defects such as cracks. From there, we will reasonably be able to give an opinion on whether or not to manufacture a pen, set a turnaround time and make an estimate.

7) You guarantee your pens, but to which party (s) does this guarantee apply?
The warranty applies to wood and metal parts, excluding consumables, as part of normal use of the item. See § 7 of our Terms of Sales.

8) Can we order a pen if we can’t come to the workshop?
Yes, very easily. All you need to do is to use the contact form providing us with a maximum of details and, if necessary, a photo, an image or a drawing.

9) Do you offer trainings, workshop courses?
No Unfortunately! The training regulations are very strict and our workshop does not lend itself to them.
Nevertheless, and under certain conditions, we happen to make demonstrations on the various stages of manufacture.

10) Are you shipping abroad?
Yes, of course. Some pieces go to Australia, Japan or elsewhere in the world.

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